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How to use Social Media to create, promote & coordinate a benefit concert (or to cancel one as the case maybe)

posted Apr 4, 2011, 12:21 AM by Jess Maher   [ updated Apr 4, 2011, 12:30 AM ]

Christchurch Earthquake Benefit Concert at ASB Showgrounds, 11am-10pm - 1st April, 2011

posted 26 Mar 2011 03:18 by Jess Maher   [ updated 26 Mar 2011 04:30 ]

Attempting to assist to promote the generosity & worthy cause behind the Christchurch Earthquake Benefit Concert at ASB Showgrounds, 11am-10pm - 1st April, 2011

Being brought into this project at a relatively late in the piece in the capacity of what has been termed, Social Media Coordinator. Being that this event blossomed on Facebook, the event coordinators understood its potential. This excert from (2/3/11) came long before my introduction to the project on the 14th March. 

And a Facebook group – created by event organiser John Paul Moss – which started last Tuesday now has more than 13,000 people set to attend a benefit concert at at ASB Showgrounds on April 1 . If you would like to get involved in this event, email or search on Facebook for Christchurch Earthquake Benefit Concert – AUCKLAND.      (

I was originally asked to come on board to 'run the twitter feed' but to be honest, being built of A Facebook Event Page, this concert was always going to spread best through social & traditional medias together. We are finding the YouTube Channel & playlist recently set up is seeing some traffic,  that starts with our new TV Campaign video then two sample tracks by each of the artists... its far to say its gonna be a long list...  Considering the context of the music industry, we are also finding a lot of artists use MySpace and have registered a profile there as well as on SoundCloud. 

Did pretty well we thought.... 

Also established... Sound Cloud Account ... Twitter (@CHCHconcert) and Facebook community page to enable us to reply to posts on the Facebook event as the title holder... 

Christchurch Concert (@CHCHconcert) on Twitter

Please support the CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE BENEFIT CONCERT (1 Apr, 2011) tickets available nw frm @

CHCH RADIO A - by Ferksta CHCH RADIO A - by 
FIRST RELEASE (of three) - Artist release teaser HERE
...Combined with a massive five stage production of absolute state of the art high-end lighting, sound, av, lasers and apparently a UFO and maybe even a dragon!... You can expect a show produced like nothing else before it... We have a circus of over 30 performers & growing.. so far and a line up encompassing the finest talents from the legends to the most contemporary. 

This is all only possible by a clear demonstration of love for our Christchurch family that have got behind this project. I am deeply humbled. What wonderful people that you are. Christchurch, we have your back.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the mind-boggling and deeply saddening events in Japan this past few days there will be 1minutes silence over this entire event. There will also be koha collection points to be donated to the International Red Cross, towards Japan. Japan, you were here for us in Christchurch, we are here for you now.

FIRST RELEASE (of three) - Artist release teaser
Starring in no order:
King Kapisi
Barons of Tang (Aus)
An Emerald City
Greg Churchill
JGeek and the Geeks
Tim Phin
Tahuna Breaks
Beautiful Collision
Tom Cosm
Kim Willoughby
Suzanne Prentice
Annie Crummer
Hammond gamble
Mamaku Project
Sam Hill
Angela Fisken
Rob Warner
Richard Morris
Billy TK
Dakorta Scream
Sacha Vee
The Southern Blue Collar Band
Invader Cain
Aly Cook
Swing Junkies
Tim Richards
Grant Bridger
The spiritz
Chocolate fish
The dirty sweets
Mark emmerson
filth dog
Otice mace
Ream fist
Scene Orchestra
Thin White Lines

5 MAIN stages - 
Soul/ Blues & Funk
Electronic/ dance 
Circus of more than 30 performers
Global Village stalls
PLUS The Velvet room

First release tickets will be $40 - LIMITED NUMBERS - 
Second release tickets TBC - - double that on gate.... and just wait & see who the headliners are..... :)
Tickets will be through


Multiple genre live acoustic and electronic. Art and performance concert for our brothers and sisters down in Christchurch after the tragic 6.3 quake.

This event will be produced to the highest level, with top entertainment and total integrity. ALL PROCEEDS to go to Christchurch through Metro Law (to ensure transparency) through to selected relief agencies.

Please also support our event partners below:

HUGE boxing tournament following night at ASB Stadium, North Shore (what a weekend!!!) - check out the wonderful work being done here - We are working closely with this event also.

If you are in Taranaki - please attend this event: 


Thank you for providing us with the "cornerstone" start up funding for this event. Matt bro, you are one seriously cool man.

Thank you ASB Show Grounds who have given their entire venue & services for free to this great cause. You are amazing!

Thank you

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL original design of our artwork..... :)

Thank you - for our AMZING circus!!!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you For website development

Thank you

Thank you for media coverage

Thank you for advertising

Thank you for all their work for resource consent for the event.

Thank you Corporate Protection and Security Services, who have offered their entire team to cover the Auckland event, for free.

Thank you who are donating all of their left over beverage stock from Splore City, for sale & donation.

Thank you who will be running the after party for this event, with all profits going to the cause.

Thank you who will be supporting by fee donation

Thank you who will be dealing with the legal aspects of the event, to ensure complete transparency with all financial dealings.



Much love & respect to you all.

The team.


ASB Showgrounds



How to survive stupid high school shit when its online (help for parents)

posted Mar 10, 2011, 8:28 PM by Jess Maher   [ updated Mar 11, 2011, 12:58 AM ]

Your teenagers are most probably already active online, whether or not you are aware of it is a rather irrelevant factor to be honest...
In fact, it is assumed that a large number of such incidents occur without parents, teachers or other "elders" being aware of it. In fact, in the times where we do see such involvement or knowledge from the parents of such kids, are often also the same times when we hear about these issues. The thing is that as we have all at some stage been a teenager and ourselves gone through the normal trials & tribulations of high school, we all know a number of things to be true. I speak from a personal perspective here purely but, my parents knew very little about much at all about my life when I was a teenager. Also, I learned that kids can truly be cruel at times.
With the ongoing changes in our societies, today the law sometimes does not adequately support or assist very effectively and we are continuing to see some interesting applications of the existing law in ways we have not otherwise seen before (

NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes confident, safe, and responsible use of Cyberspace. They have established a number of initiatives, resources & websites, established to support the community through this digital revolution.

CYBERKIDS is aimed at young children, while the NETSAFE BASICS website is the more middle of the road site and the only one which could be considered as aiming for teenagers.   HECTORS WORLD is a comprehensive school resource designed to foster digital citizenship and safe online behavior for 2 -9 year olds.  INMYDAY is a support resource for parents & caregivers of children in New Zealand.
ECPAT Child Alert Line provides a service to report URLs that breach the child pornography laws and have established a project with the Department of Internal Affairs to try and minimise this activity online.  ( They recognise the very real threats present when any user gets online... One of their projects developed focuses on the filters of digital content: "The expansion of the internet has led to many positive developments.  However, it is evident that criminals, individuals as well as organised groups, are also using this technology as a means of producing, collecting and distributing images of child sexual abuse."   

How to use free resources to get noticed... an extension on prior guide: Why we should all be Tall Poppies...

posted Feb 19, 2011, 3:59 AM by Jess Maher

Competitions, Awards & Contests...

With the risk of sounding clicque, you really 'have to be in it to win it'...

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