Ongoing Research

Various research and review takes place at AssistNZ and by our consultants externally. There are a number of organisations with whom we have been involved with that have been the focus of a variety of case studies for us. The contents and review of these various cases can be found in a variety of other contexts and places, yet this is a record of those which we have had some amount of focus on internally here at AssistNZ.
Stargate Case: The first offical one of these for us can be found at the center of social media, entrepreneurship, legal reform and pharmacheticals- making it a central and interesting case for us in a number of ways. This case orginially was developed for an Auckland University postgraduate class. Jess Maher, was in a group assignment context for International Business 705 paper with Chelsea Griffin,  Øyvind Bjørnsmoen and Samira Ibrahim. The paper was focused on opportunity recognition and the entrepreneurial process. Through contacts with James Williamson, we were lucky enough to be able to do a case on the "party pill" industry in New Zealand, with focus on Stargate International and Matt Bowden as our entrepreneur. 

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