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Creative New Zealand is the national arts development agency. We aim to be a catalyst in the development of a flourishing arts environment in New Zealand by investing in artists and arts organisations through a number of programmes.

Digital Strategy Funding Options
Digital Strategy 2.0 - Contents Page
Digital Content Strategy - New Initiative Register (breaks down the different departments responsible for various funding and project initiatives) 
TechNZ Funding - Funding Process


Funding for Business (TechNZ)
TechNZ six step process

1. Discuss your project or new product ideas with your TechNZ partner or the Foundation

If you haven’t worked with us before, or are considering undertaking research and developmentfor the first time, please contact your nearestTechNZ partner.If you have successfully received TechNZ investment in the past, contactthe nearestFoundation office.TechNZ partners and business mangers will advise you on the right funding options for your business and will explain the application and contracting process. They may also refer you toNew Zealand Trade & Enterprise’sbusiness support services.

2. Apply for funding

A TechNZ partner or the Foundation will supply the appropriate application form for you to complete. Typical timeframes for approval can range from two weeks to two months depending on the size and the complexity of the project.

3. Funding decision is made

Your TechNZ partner or the Foundation will advise you of our decision on your proposal, including any conditions placed on the funding.
If your proposal has been approved they will advise the project start date, which is the date of approval.

4. Contract is completed

Once any pre-contract conditions are satisfied, we will send your company an offer letter and ask you to sign either astatutory declarationthat confirms you agree to thestandard contract, or in some cases a specific contract for the funding.To help us to manage cashflow on larger projects (more than $100,000), we will ask you to forecast your claims for the next six months when you submit your invoice.

5. Payment is made

The Foundation pays the company after the agreed work is done. Usually this is monthly (please refer to your contract).For larger projects (more than $100,000) the company completes the standard reporting and invoicing template, attaches copies of invoices over $1000 and sends this to the Foundation for payment.A final report is completed to release the final 10% of the approved funding. Please advise your business manager when you wish to submit a final report.

6. Evaluating success

Commercial outcomes from a research and development project can take several years to be realised after a project has finished. The Foundation will send out simple surveys at 18 and 36 months after the project has finished.

Current funding available
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