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Social Media?

Social media is a broad term used to describe a shift in traditional communication trends increasingly evident alongside changes in mainstream society. As the general public show greater acceptance + intergration of tools + technology brought to us from the virtual world, our realities + societies are having to change more + 

more to accommodate them.

In recent years, the enormous popularity of social networking sites (SNS), particularly + more recently the rapid rise of Facebook, have continued to rock the foundations of the traditional media world. While mass medias; such as tv, newspapers + radio, have for years been able to feed society whatever they deem worthy, in today's world, they have no where near the same amount of value.  

In the modern world, espically in one where the majority of the population are connected through SNSs (75% of kiwis have a profile on Facebook), we all have a voice.

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Startup Demographics Infographics
Venture Capital  Mashables infographics about venture capital for online startups   Infographic 
Mashables Jess Maher 

Time for business to join the conversation
Changing World   Article NZ Herald Jess Maher 
How to make a splash online      Article Waitakere Enterprise  Jess Maher
Why Even Major Label Musicians Rarely Make Money From Album Sales
Music Downloads  how much money artists actually make from their music after the label takes their cut  (around $23 per $1000 of album sales)
Blog  RIAA Accounting
James Williamson 
Website Grader by HubSpot
Website Optimisation   Free Tool  Hubspot  Jess Maher
Social Media Marketing   Social Media Blog    Blog  Jeff Bullas  Jess Maher

Facebook 'friend' steals TV contestant's identity
SM in NZ news  She has since set up MySpace and Twitter accounts in her own name to make sure no one else can.
Article  NZ Herald  Jess Maher

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