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Location Based Media

Sit, Courtney (2010, Sep 27) A License Plate: The ‘new’ username?Social Media NZ, (Retrieved 27.9.10 from

This is the video that was used to introduce the new concept:

Bump’s core concept also relies on the person driving the vehicle actually being the owner and that they have already claimed their license plate on the site. Now, I drive cars that don’t belong to me and even if I did own them – would I really want to claim my license plate for someone to contact me just because they saw me on the street? Not really.

In all honesty, this concept sounds a bit like Foursquare on crack – when you check-in to places on Foursquare, they are usually public domains and the chance of someone checking into the same place and realising who you are is pretty low. But this concept allows you to track someone via their number plate – you could easily note it down and continuously contact them (or stalk them?).