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New World Order

 The penetration and integration of social media ongoing is so pervasive that we are beginning to find it increasingly difficult to seperate where the digital and reality really separate....

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When one signs up to any site, they automatically eneter into a contract with the site provider and are both accountable and bound by the terms of service as part of this. Even though many processes are far easier online, and can be done between many people at the same time. Tthough none of the formalities are present offline are found with this simple click, and surely there is some expectation that realistically normally alert someone to the serious nature of entering a contract.

Every Facebook "user" for example, has a contractual agreement to hand over copyright of all of this content to Facebook automatically upon uploading it. As a free service, does no one consider why there would justifiably be in ongoing operation with no remuneration required, which mainly is the source of vsaluable marketing data on the social networking service they offer.

Realistically, any organisation whom is wanting to participate in the social media revolution, needs to recognise that in order to have the ability to get their brand out there requires them to accept and embrace the decentralisation of their business communications. As a result of this in part, the implementation of a social media policy is becoming increasingly common within businesses internationally (Dybwad, 2010).