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Templates & Guides

There are assorted templates and guides which have been included within this section which are specifically for the use of clients.

We have developed a number of templates for business applications which comprise of different understandings of what makes a Social Media Policy. 

    Schedule A: <Business Name> Social Media Policy


    This policy is supplementary to any existing and/or future contracts, agreements, conditions and policies in agreement with «Business_Trading_Name», specifically with reference to those relating to the online activities and/or Internet use of «Business_Trading_Name» employees, contractors or agreed partners. This policy covers the

    1| Staffs representation of <business name> as their employer online;

    1.1 Can they talk about you or your business when they are interacting with others online?
    A- must not represent the business online at all – not have it listed as an employer and do not identify yourself as an employee of <business name > at any time, unless clearance is obtained with <social media rep>.
    B-must be transparent of any potential conflicts of interest & make a disclaimer of representation when posting online
    1.1.2 Can they list you as an employer on facebook? If they do, should they ensure they have some particular details on their account (ie business phone number or extension) or should they not behave in certain ways (like ensure details are aligned with company’s profile information for them or don’t upload photos in which they are behaving unethically, illegally or indecently)?

    1.2 Do you want us to include a clause that informs them of their legal and business obligations online & their responsibility to ensure a positive reputation for them and you in the virtual mediums?
    -now legally confirmed through employment courts that it you need to be held accountable for what you say online even in the workplace- people in NZ have been fined, fired and had reputations ruined for what they have said without much thought.

    2| Customers and market talking online

    2.1 Can your employees “Friend" clients & customers – do you have any rules or requests?
    A- When responding to a friend request from a client or customer online, (do not add customers as “friends” unless at their request, let them ask you) ensure your account has been given clearance from the social media rep
    B- do not accept friend requests from clients, politely decline their request with a note saying unfortunately it is not within your company policy to accept such requests without prior approval. Check with your social media rep
    C- other

    2.2 Handling incorrect details in the media -

    3| Security & Protection  
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