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Contractor & Employee Handbook

The information covered is specifically provided for the purposes of guiding and informing assistNZ employees, contractors and partners. While there maybe aspects and areas of this handbook which have been designed to assist & guide your interactions with potential clients and customers of assistNZ Ltd and you are encouraged to show and use them in such interactions, please be aware that certain topics included in this are strictly confidential and must not be shared with others outside of our organisation or otherwise not covered by our confidentiality agreements. If you find there are specific areas or topics within this handbook which you believe are of assistance when dealing with customers, please advice your network coordinator who can upload a digital version of such topics to the assistNZ internal handbook group (or contact and if appropriate a client version can be compiled to assist you, ensuring you are well equipped to enable you to assist NZ!   

Developed by Jess Maher for assistNZ Ltd, September, 2010. Last updated by __ on __.

This handbook has been developed for the exclusive use & application of

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